Thank you for you interest in the upcoming Mars Venus Wellness Retreat……

        Dr. John Gray has extended a special invitation to the Mars & Venus Counseling Center and his many fans to join him at his Mars Venus Wellness Retreat.  This is your invitation to come to Northern California September 3rd – 7th,  2006 to experience Dr Gray as he presents his latest insights and wisdom into health and relationships that he has been developing for the last 30 years.  It’s been a few years since Dr. Gray was broadcasting live in Hawaii on his “Mars & Venus Radio Show”.  So often I am asked, “What’s John Gray been doing lately?”  Well besides his many appearances worldwide he has been developing and building his Wellness Retreat.  Frank and I went last year and it was an incredible experience for us so we are looking forward to returning this year with a special group of  people to share it with.  Not only is the setting gorgeous but the intimate time spent in this quiet setting with only 32 others will give you a great opportunity to ask questions and feel that personal connection with him.

        Dr. John Gray has been researching many areas of health and taking this information and integrating it similarly like he did with his Mars & Venus relationship work and presenting it in a clear, concise and practical way that we can apply to our daily lives.  By the end of the retreat you will:

·    Understand the secrets of reversing premature aging.

·    Know how to decrease your stress levels and understand how stress affects men and women differently.

·    Learn how to increase the brain chemistry of health, happiness and lasting love.

·    How to practice easy to learn fat burning and hormone boosting exercises.

·    Learn about the amazing benefits of his new oxygen therapy utilizing ultra modern technology.

·    You’ll know what are the superfoods and minerals for creating vitality and optimal well being.

The Mars Venus Wellness Retreat will include many hours of seminar time with Dr. Gray where he will personally share his innovative approaches for healing your mind and heart, ways of creating healthy successful relationships and his latest practical approaches for creating lasting health.  His personal chef will be cooking up organic, gourmet meals to delight and inspire us to eat foods that enhance our health.  Each day we will start with Dr. Gray’s new products first to cleanse our bodies and then to nourish them with nutrient rich smoothies.  Between seminar times and meals we will be relaxing in the many modalities he has created to deliver oxygen therapy including baths, misters, infra red saunas and other ways that you will read about in the following pages. 

To register, please complete the following registration form and send or fax to Dr. John Gray’s corporate office in Mill Valley.  While your tuition will pay for the seminar time, meals and oxygen treatments you will be responsible for your airfare, ground travel to the Retreat from San Francisco and each day to the Ranch, and your hotel accommodations.  You may contact me, Dr. Mitzi Gold at 808-737-6277 or email me at to assist you with hotel accommodations.  There are a number of reasonably priced accommodations nearby.  For questions you may call Donna at 877-564-6472.  We are looking forward to bringing an enthusiastic group from Hawaii to make this an incredibly memorable time.

            For further specific information about the Retreat please continue reading the latest information from the Mars & Venus corporate office.

            To your good health and happiness,  Dr. Mitzi Gold