John Gray’s

Mars Venus Wellness Retreat



John Gray, Ph.D., the man responsible for helping millions of people improve their relationships through his phenomenal Mars Venus principles, has created a special Wellness Retreat in Northern California.  Combining ultra modern technology as well as ancient wellness insights and exercises, he presents an innovative method to achieving health, happiness and lasting passion.   This is an experience that you will never forget.


Located in Northern California, Dr. Gray shares with you insightful and enjoyable lectures, along with individual and group exercises.  In only a few days you will feel the rejuvenating affects of a month long vacation.


In this Wellness retreat…

·    Discover how to increase cooperation and support in your relationships.

·    Learn how to create the brain chemistry of health, happiness, lasting love and passion.

·    Understand the secrets of reversing premature aging.

·   Learn about and experience the super foods, super minerals and super cleansing drink for creating vitality and optimal brain chemistry.

·    Discover why some exercise programs are not good for your health and how you can stay healthy through John’s easy to learn fat burning exercise.

·    Learn easy techniques to promote self-healing and wellness.


How to Register

You may fax the completed registration form to 480-969-1404. Please remember to include your credit card number and expiration date plus 3-digit security code from the back of the credit card. To register by phone, please phone (877) 564-6472.  Please have your major credit card in hand and provide us with all of the information requested on the registration form.


You may register by mail by completing the registration form and mail it with payment to:


Mars Venus Wellness Retreat

20 Sunnyside Avenue

Suite A-130

Mill Valley CA 94941


John Gray’s teachings have become a powerful resource for people from all around the world…helping them achieve their highest potentials and making their heartfelt desires a reality.  Participation in this course is a sign of your deep personal commitment to transforming your life.


As we enter the new millennium, we invite you to be nurtured in the company of people, who like you, are dedicated to a healthy life of love, happiness and passion.  Please join us for this life-enhancing journey!


The Mars Venus Wellness Spa


In the past, only the rich and famous have had access to advanced oxygen healing technologies and routinely pay thousands of dollars per treatment to stay young and healthy.  After personally experiencing the amazing benefits of Oxygen Therapy, Dr. Gray developed the Mars Venus Wellness Spa for men and women. His boutique wellness spas are presently being developed in a variety of locations. 


The Mars Venus Wellness Spa provides a variety of all natural treatments that involve non-medical, purified and concentrated oxygen.  This special oxygen is then infused into super purified pristine water to be utilized in a variety of traditional and non-traditional spa treatments. Additionally, we have on site massage therapists to assist you in obtaining ultimate relaxation.


The O Sauna: You will relax in a high tech far-infra red sauna (developed by NASA) combined with pure natural concentrated oxygen.  As your body is infused with oxygen it can then more efficiently burn fat and can naturally release accumulated toxins.  In thirty minutes while sitting in this sauna you will burn more calories than a one-hour jog.


The O Mineral Spa: On the open deck, which commands a breathtaking vista view, you will enjoy bathing outside in the most unique hot tub in the world. Not only is the water pure and oxygenated but also it is perfectly balanced with high hydrogen levels similar to ancient Indian healing springs. It is also enriched with a unique balance of minerals found only in the healing waters of Lourdes in France. This experience is designed to assist the body in releasing toxins while also absorbing oxygen and important minerals to rejuvenate the nervous system and brain.


The O Salt Spa: Experience the Salt Water Oxygenated Hot Tub , first developed in ancient Rome.  It is enriched with Sea salt and  Iodine to stimulate healthy metabolism. The salt water is similar to your bodily fluids and thereby increases the absorption of oxygen and iodine.


The O Steam Room: You will enjoy breathing oxygenated steam infused with the sweet aroma of healing flowers. Aromatherapy, which has been used for centuries, is now combined with this ultra modern space technology utilizing concentrated natural oxygen in a moderately warm and soothing steam room. One steam room focuses on clearing the lungs while the other focuses on increasing vitality.


Additionally Dr. Gray has created four ultimate Wellness Treatments


1. Revitalization: A treatment including the O Shower and O Vessel.


The O Shower: You will take a long full body luxurious shower with oxygenated water while overlooking breathtaking vista views. The warm water opens your pours to absorb oxygen through the pores of your skin.


The O Vessel: While standing in a special crystal vessel, which is shielded from harmful electrical magnetic frequencies in the atmosphere, you will be surrounded by alternating warm and cool oxygen mist.  The soothing warmth of the mist opens up the pores to absorb more oxygen and the cooling mist locks it in.  In a systematic timed progression different concentrations of oxygen are gradually released and then absorbed by the body.


2. Regeneration: A treatment in the O Dome including a foot and hand massage and a deep healing meditation.


The O Dome: In an oxygenated egg shaped room you will relax and be invigorated on a pure quartz crystal table designed to restore your body’s natural magnetic polarity.  You will experience a profound awakening of your body’s natural healing frequencies during a guided meditation by John Gray. These frequencies accelerate your body’s ability to regenerate cells. The firming of the body and wound healing that commonly occurs for participants is result of this accelerated cell regeneration.


Foot Massage:  In the O Dome you will also experience a relaxing foot massage, while breathing pure non-medical oxygen.  By gently massaging your body’s reflex points you will not only breath deeper the pure oxygen but your whole body is stimulated to resonate with the profound healing frequencies generated by the crystal ceiling.


3. Detox: A treatment including O-Footbath and Concentrated Steamroom.


O-Footbath: You will relax your feet in a basin of magnetized oxygenated water to draw out body toxins. There are two different foot detox treatments one for the brain and the other for the liver.


Concentrated Steamroom: Concentrated natural Oxygen combined with Aromatherapy makes this steamroom truly unique.


4. Rejuvenation: A private treatment in the O Bath


The O Bath:  In your own private glass bathhouse you will enjoy a long and soothing bath with massage jets circulating a special balance of concentrated oxygen water. As your muscles receive the extra oxygen your whole body begins to relax. As your body releases stored toxins, the released harmful bacteria, pathogens and viruses are actually crystallized by the oxygen. This treatment is particularly helpful to strengthen the immune system.


The Retreat Schedules


The Retreat schedule is tentative and provided for general planning purposes only.  In order to create the most meaningful and productive experience for every participant, we request your commitment to the entire course of learning and relaxation. This commitment may require your cooperation in adjusting to schedule changes.


Five-Day Retreat Dates


September 3rd-7th, 2006




Five-Day Retreat Schedule


Day One

Welcome and Introduction                               6:00 PM – 6:30 PM

Dinner                                                              6:30 PM – 7:30 PM

Evening Session                                             7:30 PM – 11:00 PM


Day Two, Day Three, Day Four

Morning Arrival                                              8:30 AM –   9:00 AM

Exercise and Breakfast                                  9:00 AM –   9:30 AM

Seminar                                                         9:30 AM – 12:00 PM

Lunch                                                           12:30 PM –   2:00 PM

Afternoon Session                                           2:00 PM – 5:30 PM

Seminar                                                          6:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Dinner                                                             7:00 PM -  8:00 PM

Evening Session                                            8:30 PM – 11:00 PM


Day Five

Exercise and Breakfast                                  9:00 AM –   9:30 AM

Morning Session                                            9:30 AM – 12:00 PM

Lunch                                                           12:00 PM –   2:00 PM


Note: The retreat start time is fixed, however, other listed times are tentative and provided for general information purposes only.  In order to create the most meaningful and productive experience for every participant, we request your commitment to the entire retreat.  This commitment may require your cooperation in adjusting to schedule changes.


Retreat Location

The Seminars are located in Northern California. 



Hotel accommodations for the Hawaii group tour are not included in your registration fee. Mendocino, Fort Bragg and Westport have a variety of hotels.  Prices range from nice motels at $59 dollars a night to four diamond hotels from $125.00 to $250.00 a night.  Please contact Dr. Mitzi Gold to assist you with accommodations or Customer Service for additional information at 877-JohnGray (877-564-6472).



The closest airports are Oakland and San Francisco. We recommend renting a car and driving north to Fort Bragg.  There is no public transportation.  It is about 180 miles, 4 hours of driving through the most beautiful countryside in the world. Upon registration, driving directions to the retreat will be provided.



Meals are included in your registration fee. These amazing meals are designed to promote wellness and weight loss for those who are overweight.  They are both delicious and nutritious. Selections are also available for vegetarians; please let us know upon registration. Any special meal requirements must be requested at least 7 days prior to the retreat in order for your needs to be accommodated.


Course Fees and Refund Policy

 The Spa experience alone is valued at $5000.00.  The Five Day Wellness Retreat is an incredible deal at only $2500.00.  As a special guest of Dr. John Gray’s our Hawaii tour rate will be $1500.00.  This fee does not include travel or hotel expenses.  For your convenience, we accept VISA, MasterCard. We also accept personal checks if received at least 2 weeks prior to the event.  Refunds must be requested in writing 7 business days before the course begins.  A $25.00 processing fee will be required on each refunded reservation.


Please do not mail your registration later than two weeks prior to the Retreat.  Registration later than two weeks prior to Retreat must be completed by fax or phone only.


Registration Form