Dr. Mitzi Gold

Hi, my name is Mitzi Gold. I am extremely excited to have opened the First Mars & Venus Counseling Center in Hawaii. It is a true honor to be teaching and sharing Dr. John Gray's work.

I want you to get to know me. My educational background started with mind/body/spirit philosophies and therapies. I spent 1973 working at Esalen Institute in San Francisco.  I was fortunate to have studied with many of the leading trainers, therapists and researchers in humanistic psychology. In 1974 I received my BA from Fairhaven College, a satellite college of Western Washington University.  My degree was an interdisciplinary
degree in Polarity Balancing, which was based on the Indian books of healing called the Aryuvedas.  I studied with Dr. Randolph Stone DC, ND, OD in 1973 the year before he retired. He was 84 years old at that time. I also studied with his protégé, Pierre Pannetier ND and numerous other practitioners. From 1973 to 1978 I practiced Polarity Balancing. I got my massage license in Hawaii in 1975 (LMT-602). I owned and operated a herb and bookstore, Earth Foods on Kauai from 1975-1978.

In 1978, I returned to Oahu, where I had spent my childhood, and attended the University of Hawaii. I received my Masters in Public Health in 1980.   My emphasis was in gerontology, specifically in the area of healthy aging. I received my Masters in Social Work in 1981 with a special emphasis in mental health and community organizing.

From 1982-1987 I worked with a program that assisted adults with chronic mental disabilities to live independently. In 1988 I began work on a Federal Grant with the Department of Health, Maternal and Child Health Branch. The Project was the Adolescent Health Network. Due to my extreme concern with adolescents and their future in our society I co-founded the Hawaii Association for Self-Esteem. I see the direct correlation between an individual's self-esteem and the choices she/he makes in her/his life. I specialize in enhancing self-esteem for adolescents and adults.

At the same time I was attending Saybrook Research and Graduate Institute in San Francisco. In 1995 I graduated with my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. The title of my dissertation was, "Selected Risk Factors Associated with Suicidality among Adolescents in Hawaii". I compared 4 different ethnic groups in Hawaii (Hawaiian, Caucasian, Filipino, Japanese) by gender and the risk factors of sexual abuse, alcohol use and depression. The results were significant and shocking. Of the 1335 15 year-olds in the study 24.51% of the females reported they had attempted suicide compared to 9.44% of the males.

I have continued to see clients in private practice since 1984. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW-3105) and Licensed Social Worker (LSW-471) in the State of Hawaii.  Also, I am a Licensed Psychologist (PSY-663) in the State of Hawaii.  In 1996 I completed the training to be the Director of the Mars & Venus Counseling Center. Previously I had attended all of Dr. Gray's events in Hawaii since 1991 and assisted in coordinating events for him since 1994 in Hawaii.


I officially opened the Mars & Venus Counseling Center of Hawaii on Valentines Day 1997. Myself, my life partner, Frank Rogers and co-facilitators Ron and Suzanne Stover had a grand opening soiree. It was so special to have so much community support and well wishers for our new venture. Since then we have facilitated a number of workshops and events including one in October 1997 with Michael Najarian, M.A., Dr. Gray's principle
representative, at the Hawaii Theater which drew over 1000 participants. John Gray Ph.D. was in Honolulu for several events November 3rd, 2001 where he presented from his book, Mars & Venus in the Workplace to the members of the Hawaii Broadcasters Association.  In addition, he  presented from several of his books at a large sold-out seminar and  lead a healing group at Calvary-by-the-Sea Church.  Both Dr. John Gray and Michael Najarian  presented  weekend workshops at the East-West Center in 2003.  We are planning for Dr. John Gray's return in 2005!

In 2003 I signed up for Dr. Martin Seligman's, Authentic Happiness Coaching Program and became a certified graduate of their first class called the Vanguard Class.  Since the days of humanistic psychology I have strongly believed in the need to focus on the healthy aspects and possibilities of being a human being.  With Dr. Seligman's remarkable background in research and development he has now introduced the new field in psychology called, Positive Psychology.  I incorporate the many questionnaires he has on his website www.authentichappiness.org site which are available for the public to use.  I interpret the results in our counseling sessions to give my clients the understanding and direction they may need to take in their life and for couples to consider the results as it impacts each individual and their relationship.  You're going to be hearing a lot about Positive Psychology!

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