Inside the Mars & Venus Counseling Center we offer a
variety of services. Counseling for individuals and couples
emphasizes the work of Dr. John Gray. Dr. John Gray is the
author of Men are from Mars Women are from Venus which
has sold over 10 million copies in the United States
alone. Around the world over 14 million copies have been sold.

In my work with couples I incorporate his latest audio and
video tapes, role-playing, video recording, and training in his
special techniques to improve communication and
understanding between men and women. The sessions are
educational with practical guidance and specific
suggestions to improve your life and relationships. The
purpose of counseling is to give you the skills and ability to
have healthy and successful relationships.

Our workshops are 2 to 8-hour interactive programs
using the latest John Gray videos, group, and individual
exercises and personal workbooks. They are lively,
humorous, and insightful and provide relevant information that
you can take home and practice immediately. You'll be
astounded with the results. The training will change your life.

Our support groups for men and women are a follow-up
to our workshops and counseling. The purpose is to create
a supportive environment where true support can happen.
Participants learn and experience the benefit of supportive
listening by others in the group. By listening to others we
allow them to clearly see the solutions to their issues. We
create the space for them to grow in love, caring, and
understanding. The support groups are a powerful tool for
personal discovery.

We offer free introductory mini-workshops using Dr.
Gray's work throughout the community. Also, we are
available to do training on-site at work.

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