Bomb blast kills 6 children in afghanistan

Bomb blast kills 6 children in afghanistan

9:05am PST — UN Ambassador Samantha Power says that Afghan President Hamid Karzai says he will not attend the council meeting. She says that Afghan officials will gather at 10 AM today to discuss the attack.

9:05am PST — As more details come in, US and UK intelligence sources say that it’s not clear whether it was a suicide attack. The US believes it was a suicide bomber, while the UK is also looking into it, and no clear links have been established between the two. It’s currently being treated as a targeted strike. The initial casualty count for the U.S. has been 6, the UK has confirmed 5, and the Afghan military has said that it’s treating this as a suspected suicide bombing.

9:02pm PST — In a statement, the U.S. Emjarvees.combassy in Kabul says that whijarvees.comle a decision has not been made “if it was a targeted operation, it is a terrorist at바카라사이트tack,” and a warning to its citizens to avoid the area is being put in place.

9:00pm PST — The Taliban have released a statement saying that “there were no attacks in this operation. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Afghan people and with our government and law enforcement officials,” and calling the attack on Afghan troops an “act of revenge” for the US military’s withdrawal from Afghanistan.

8:50pm PST — The US State Department says it will be sending a team to the hospital and offering counseling to the families affected, but no details are available about the status of the investigation and whether it’s ongoing.

8:44pm PST — The Taliban says that it believes “all the terrorist attacks which were directed against our security forces are a result of US policy.”

8:42pm PST — The Taliban says it’s now making preparations to launch an offensive in the Karzai and Jalalabad areas of Kandahar province.

8:30pm PST — The US Army said they’re reviewing security measures to ensure the health and safety of the troops and the public in Kabul, especially those currently based there.

The US National Guard has been ordered to remain posted in place at all times.

The US Army’s press office said at 8:19pm PST that there is no current threat to American interests in the country.

8:14pm PST — The UK’s Ministry of Defence says that “no immediate threat” is being perceived. It also added that it is “cooperating fully wit